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About Us

WELCOME TO OUR PRE-LAUNCH OPENING AND OUR WORLD WIDE MARKETING CONCEPT! is your "Online Superstore".  We offer quality products for sale at reasonable prices. Most items are sold below suggested retail price and even below the average shopped sale price.   Rest assured, that when you shop with us, the “price shopping” has already been done for you.

Quality, Service and Price do matter!  At you will find items you just won’t find anywhere else. We reach out to the small business community and offer to you their new and creative ideas as well as their great products and specials!

The Small Businesses win, the public wins, the economy wins and job market wins which creates tax revenues for our local governments AND a portion of EVERY SALE goes to Non Profit Organizations to help them too!  YOU CAN CHOOSE WHO TO HELP AT CHECKOUT.  Interconnection is the way we are growing as a community.

When you shop at, not only  are you saving money YOU are making a difference in your economy.

We invite creative artists to share your talent!  Join our Home grown department of introducing your home grown books, audio books, handmade jewelry,  musical talent, and even home professional videos and movies and more!  Geniuses yet to be discovered. 

We would love to hear from you! If you would like to request a new item, we will strive to get it and offer it at the lowest price available for you,  We believe in helping the economy as best as we can. Contact us we are growing and hiring!  Together we can help change the course of human history!

We welcome comments and suggestions. Please contact us anytime.

Thank you for shopping with!  

Suggested Laws of Living Wealthy

With 100% amount of the income that you receive:

1.   Pay yourself FIRST 10%.  This is your selfish money.  You can spend it on yourself, spend it with someone, invest it, save it, or choose something you wish to MAKE YOU HAPPY.  THIS is YOUR HAPPINESS SHARE.  YOU DESERVE IT.  YOU HAVE EARNED IT.  10% is YOUR MONEY. Enjoy the fruits of your labors!

2.   Give or put aside 10% to GIVE TO OTHERS.  This is your un-selfish money.  Abundance is SHARING.  Your income was shared to you with your services.  You will know exactly how much you can give to Family, Charities, the needy or others.  You will be blessed for sharing!

3.   Put aside 10% for EMERGENCY’S.  This is your emergency money.  DO NOT SPEND IT unless absolutely needed.  You will know when!

4.   Pay off all obligations with the other 70%This is your obligation money. Pay debts quickly.  Be wise with your spending.  Do not exceed your budget.  And when you have money left over, put it into savings for later. It is best when you retain wealth for powerful purchasing!  NOTE: If you can not make it on 70% is time to re-adjust your income sources as well as your expenses until you can!  It is far better to run out of money at 70% than at 130%!  This does work!  (See below for how)

Note:  When taking money from any section NEVER LEAVE IT EMPTY, leave at least $1.  You will ALWAYS HAVE MONEY to regrow into your fortune!  (TB)


1. CREATE FOUR (4) different places to store your funds (IMPORTANT: DO NOT KEEP IT IN SAME LOCATION OR ACCOUNT!)

2. WITH EACH AMOUNT YOU RECEIVE divide up 10% (self pocket money), 10% (Give away account) , 10% Emergency account , & 70% to put in your main account


4. IF YOU RUN OUT OF FUNDS: --- Oops, take it out of EMERGENCY MONEY ... Oh man, I need that for an emergency ...
OK, TRANSFER IT ... You will have to save again for the next emergency  ....

5. IF YOU STILL DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS:  .... Oh heck, it's coming out of my POCKET MONEY! ...
OK, TRANSFER IT ...  You will have to save again for Pocket funds ... Darn..

IF YOU STILL DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS: ... YOU are in poverty ... take out of DONATION MONEY for the poor (YOU)  ... OK, TRANSFER IT.  You will have to SAVE again for Donation Money. 


8. WITH THESE FEELINGS, you are INSPIRED to SAVE more for OBLIGATIONS, SAVE more for EMERGENCIES, SAVE more for SELF and SAVE more for HELPING PEOPLE!  and still allow the flow of money to multiply!

9. YOU WILL KNOW how much you can give or loan ...   If they ask for $100 you may have it or if you do not have it ... tell them honesty you can afford to help them with $50 (if you have $51 in donation money).   Lets say you are out somewhere and you see someone you want to help ... go ahead and give it to them from your wallet... when you get home, repay yourself with the donation envelope back into your wallet.  This conduit is always available to you.  Don' t worry, it multiplies when you give.